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December 10, 2023

Tips for Using Apple Maps While Offline

How to utilize Apple Maps offline on your iPhone is covered in this article. The guidelines are applicable to iOS 17 and newer devices.

Using Apple Maps While Offline

This is the guide for using Apple Maps offline. Because offline maps consume a lot of bandwidth, downloading them when connected to Wi-Fi is advised. Depending on how big of a region you want your offline maps to cover, you might also need to make some space available beforehand.

Get your iPhone’s Apple Maps open.

For this section, you will require an internet connection.

Toggle your Apple ID photo.

Your initials will appear in place of your avatar if you don’t have one set up.

Select “Offline Maps.”

If the suggested map is incorrect, select Download New Map by tapping the download symbol next to it.

outlined the process for downloading a map to the iPhone’s Maps app so you may utilize it offline.

Nearby maps will be automatically recommended by Apple Maps.

To choose the desired area of the map, pinch to enlarge it, then tap and drag the highlighted box over the desired location.

Select Download.

Your map is prepared for use when you see the message “Offline Map Downloaded.”

Detailed instructions for modifying a map that the iPhone Maps app downloads for offline use.

Click Download New Map to add more maps.

Input the city’s name.

Type the name of the nearest city and then move the map box to cover the desired area if the map data you seek doesn’t exactly match to a city.

Select the search result that most closely matches your desired location by tapping on it.

Select Download.

If the default suggestion does not match the area you are looking for, you may adjust the coverage of your offline map by dragging the boundaries of the highlighted box or using the pinch and tap functions to zoom in and out of the map.

outlined how to download more maps to the iPhone’s Maps app for offline use.

You can now use the offline versions of the maps you’ve chosen.

You can add as many offline maps as you need by following these procedures, but keep in mind that each map will take up a substantial amount of storage space on your phone.

How Do Apple Maps Function Offline?

You can use the offline maps option to download maps of particular places in advance when you have online access, so you can utilize them in situations where an internet connection is unavailable. If you’re concerned about taking up too much cellular data, this function can also be useful because it allows you to download all the maps you’ll need in advance and configure Apple Maps to just use those maps.

In most cases, Apple Maps requires an internet connection, so if you go too far from a Wi-Fi network or cellular signal, you won’t be able to read turn-by-turn directions or view updated map data.

You can access offline maps that you download on your Apple Watch by using Apple Maps, but this functionality is limited to having your phone with you at all times as the watch cannot save offline maps directly.

How to Use Your iPhone Just for Offline Maps

You can save a lot of mobile data by downloading maps for offline use, but your phone will still attempt to download map data whenever there is a cellular connection. One way to prevent using mobile data without completely disconnecting from your phone is to make Apple Maps solely use downloaded maps.

Make sure you’ve downloaded maps for every place you intend to visit while this function is enabled, as it may cause navigational problems.

Here’s how to utilize your iPhone just for offline mapping:

Launch the Maps app on Apple.

Toggle your Apple ID photo.

Select “Offline Maps.”

Select “Just Use Offline Maps.”

steps that have been highlighted to make sure you exclusively use Offline Maps in the iPhone Maps app.

You may now utilize your offline maps with Apple Maps, and it won’t try to download any more map data until you turn the option back off.

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