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December 10, 2023

The Top 12 Websites for Free Music Downloads

Numerous websites offer free music downloads and free music videos to view online. When you want to stream carefully made playlists and tune in to internet radio, there are services that allow you to listen to free music online without having to download anything.

My experience utilizing these websites has led me to compile a list of the top free music websites. I update this list every month in the event that any of the websites alter their features or stop being free, and I’m constantly searching for new, fantastic music websites to include.

A subdomain of YouTube devoted to music streaming is called YouTube Music. You can make playlists, subscribe to artists’ channels to receive alerts when new music is released, and search for music just like on the standard YouTube website.

Playlists for kids’ categories, activities, emotions, decades, and genres are all available. You can submit your music to YouTube Music so that anyone can listen to it anywhere. Aside from useful categories like Dance Moods, Charts, Trending music, and Live performances, the site’s home page features user-generated mixes.

It’s nice that I can turn off the video so that I can concentrate solely on the music—this is a terrific way to listen without being interrupted. Some songs even have lyrics that I can read, and I really enjoy when that happens. For some tracks, the lyrics even correspond with the music.

If you use this site frequently, it’s quite helpful. I get recommendations based on my listening history and playlists, which is how I have discovered so much great music here.

You can listen without advertisements, offline, and without seeing ads when you have a paid membership (on mobile). Both family and individual options are available.

Because I like the way it operates and that it has tens of millions of songs, Spotify is one of the first apps I open when I want to stream music.

After getting everything set up, browse for and enjoy your favorite music, make playlists, and share tracks with your pals. Curated playlists are also available. Online Spotify playlist creation is made possible by a plethora of free tools.

With Spotify Premium subscriptions, you may download music, stream audio in higher quality, listen without advertisements, play songs on demand, view song lyrics, and skip tracks as much as you’d like. One is typically free for the first several months and is available to individuals, families, and students.

You can use a web browser, a mobile device, or a desktop manager to listen to the free music on Spotify on your PC. Use the Spotify app or the browser address provided below to listen to the free music.

When I want to listen to anything new, I always go back to my longtime favorite, SoundCloud. You can locate up-and-coming artists on this platform because it allows anyone to upload music for free.

On SoundCloud, you may browse various genres such as ambient, country, disco, electronic, and more, and check what’s hot. Additionally, a search option is available for you to locate songs, artists, and podcasts with ease. Like songs and playlists to save music for your own collection, and follow artists to keep up with their latest releases.

With SoundCloud Go+, you can listen without an internet connection, get rid of advertisements, and enjoy better audio quality. Also, you have access to premium music. There’s a thirty-day free trial available, and student pricing is half off. There are also free SoundCloud apps for mobile devices.

Pandora is an excellent resource for finding songs by your favorite musicians as well as for finding new music. The service builds an online streaming radio station based on your preferences when you search for an artist, genre, or composer. In addition to downloading the free Pandora app to your smartphone, you may listen to free music online.

The feature that I value the most about Pandora is that it plays music and artists that I’ve already like when I listen to personalized stations. I can then instruct Pandora to change its course or play additional songs similar to the ones I’ve been listening to.

With it, you may create as many as 100 distinct personalized stations filled with your favorite songs. A good place to start would be the Top Stations or Genres page.

The ad-free, premium editions of Pandora, Premium and Plus, come with features including a desktop app, better audio quality, offline listening, and more. The six-person family package is also available. If you are a student or in the military, you might be eligible for discounts.

Check for download links for apps wherever Pandora is available for streaming.

Free music can be easily listened to internet via a computer, smartphone, or tablet with Jango, another free streaming radio service.

This service is fantastic since it allows you to create personalized radio stations by just selecting your preferred band or singer, in addition to offering limitless listening and little advertisements. Additionally, you can browse through hundreds of pre-made stations by genre.

I like to use the diversity setting, which is a wonderful feature. Modify the variety meter when listening to any station to instruct the website as to what should play for you. You can add up to ten musicians to the station using the edit button, and Jango will play songs by those artists along with others that are similar.

To go to the most popular radio stations, visit the trending section.

The greatest online resource for live radio station listening is most likely TuneIn. Local stations in your area can be found, but you can also search through more than 100,000 stations worldwide.

Radio stations can be sorted by genre to find anything from sports stations, corporate news, and travel podcasts to rock, ambient, and religious music. To see what other users are listening to, I enjoy browsing the popular radio stations.

TuneIn is accessible through mobile apps as well as desktop software and web browsers on computers. You can save your favorite stations to your account so you can access them on any device. Upgrade to TuneIn Premium for 30 days for free to get more features like less advertisements.

iHeartRadio is an amazing website and app that blends live radio with personalized music streaming. On iHeartRadio, you may choose the city and genre you like, and the stations that fit your search parameters are displayed so you can listen to live radio stations. Custom stations can also be created based on the music and performers you enjoy.

With the ability to set a sleep timer and have the iHeartRadio mobile app play my favorite stations automatically in the morning, I’ve had fun using it.

You must purchase Plus or All Access in order to play certain songs, re-play radio broadcasts, listen offline, create an infinite number of playlists, and skip more songs.

You’re prompted to reconsider radio by Mixcloud. You won’t receive the same listening experience here as you could elsewhere because the music is hand-picked by international DJs and radio hosts. Mood, genre, and searchable tags can be used to arrange these mixes, radio programs, and music podcasts.

To obtain a highly tailored station that plays that kind of music, for instance, I can add ambient and chillout tags when I open the classical music show.

If you’d rather listen on your phone or tablet, Mixcloud apps are available for Android, iPad, and iPhone. It’s also accessible on Apple TV, where you can upgrade to get extra features like rewinding, early access to new features, and no advertisements.

You can utilize Freefy, another free music streaming site, without creating an account. What sets this website apart from the rest is that it plays YouTube audio, which is akin to YouTube Music—which was previously discussed—but it offers a few more methods for discovering music.

You can use Freefy, for instance, to go through the songs you’ve lately played. A list is available on YouTube, however it cannot be searched. Every item in your listening history can be played by Freefy as well.

This service categorizes music according to recent releases and current trends, just like YouTube Music does. Playlists and genres are also highlighted. My other favorite feature is the ability to create and share playlists, which I can share with others and invite others to collaborate on when I’m assembling a playlist.

Both iOS and Android can use the mobile app.

AccuRadio is comparable to the other internet radio providers on this list. Choose a station based on your preferred genre, or ask them to select one at random if you’re not sure what to listen to. For additional ideas, check out the most well-liked music. To listen on many devices, there are a few smartphone apps available.

Create a free user account to mark channels as favorites, personalize your channel to your preferences, and avoid ads. To avoid hearing a certain musician or song, you can also “ban” them.

I adore that you can listen for free on specific days without having to have a paid account! This is fantastic and totally dissimilar from the majority of music websites I’ve visited.

Nordic folk melodies, Canadian love songs, opera, film and television music, and lovely music are a few of the intriguing genres that are offered here. You may even combine channels to create a custom mix if you create a free account.

Another website for online radio where you may listen to free music is Dash Radio. It’s free of advertisements, has a lyrics link, and allows you to search for music by decade, which is why I enjoy it.

The other genres include pop, Latin, country, hip-hop, jazz, classical, and world music.

Numerous platforms, including iOS and Android, offer Dash Radio apps.

You may use LiveOne to make personalized radio stations based on the music, performers, and genres that you like. Following your selection of your preferred genre, LiveOne begins to stream related music along with the songs you recommended.

Through their mobile app, you can access the service from a variety of mobile devices and stream live events in addition to browsing through radio-like stations, which is a terrific way to find new music.

For extra features, you can purchase a subscription. A Plus edition is available that features maximum audio quality, no advertisements, and infinite skips. These features are also available in the Premium edition, along with the capacity to play any song on demand and listen offline.

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