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December 10, 2023

The Solution for a Non-Working Windows 11 Microphone

One of the most important peripherals on a Windows 11 PC is a microphone. If your Windows 11 microphone isn’t working, here’s how to fix it.

What’s Wrong With My Windows 11 Microphone?

For a number of reasons, your Windows 11 microphone might not be functional. Among the most typical are:

The microphone is not in use.

The microphone is either loosely or not at all connected.

Your Windows 11 computer’s audio input is muted.

Both your microphone and headset are not accepting audio input.

In Windows, the wrong microphone is chosen.

Device drivers are missing.

broken microphone components.

How to Adjust Windows 11’s Microphone

To troubleshoot your microphone, take these steps:

Verify that there are no physical buttons or settings on your device that are muting your microphone or headset.

If the microphone is external, it will typically have a mute button on it; if it is integrated, it will typically have one on the keyboard of your PC.

Some headsets come with a button. Some may become silent on their own when the integrated microphone is retracted or folded.

Reconnect your headphones to your computer if the microphone and audio on your Bluetooth headset aren’t functioning. For some users of Windows 11, this is a regular issue that usually arises when the headset goes into sleep mode.

Make sure your wired microphone is plugged in correctly if you have one. Should that be the case, take it out of its port and reattach it for a short while to “reboot” Windows’ connection to it.

Verify that the app is authorized to utilize your microphone. Here, there are two tasks to complete:

Navigate to Microphone under Settings > Privacy & Security. Make sure the toggle next to the app (if you see it) is switched on so it can access your microphone and that microphone access is enabled.

Launch the app that you wish to use to record audio. Verify that the right microphone was selected.

To access Sound options, right-click on the speaker icon located in the Windows taskbar and choose it. Alternatively, you can use the Windows 11 Settings app to access this.

It will open a window. Locate the Input section and review the available input microphone list. Verify that the desired microphone is chosen. Otherwise, choose it.

Choose the microphone from the Sound settings menu that was opened in the previous step if it is still not working. This will create new opportunities.

Make sure the microphone is permitted under General. It is enabled if the message reads “Don’t allow.”

Make sure the input volume is turned up as well.

The sound settings menu in Windows 11 Don’t Allow, General, and Input Volume are chosen.

Right-click the taskbar’s speaker icon if the issue continues. To utilize the automated sound troubleshooters, simply follow the instructions provided in the Get Help app after it opens.

Install any Windows updates that are due. Known bugs that can be causing Windows 11 mic issues should be fixed by this.

Expand Audio inputs and outputs in Device Manager after opening it. It should list the microphone input that you plan to utilize. If so, give these remedies a shot. After every one, make sure the microphone is operational.

To utilize the desired input device, right-click on it and choose Update driver. Observe the directions displayed on screen.

Choose Disable device with a right-click on the input device. Next, give it another right-click, and select “Enable device.”

Select Uninstall device with a right-click on the input device. Next, choose Scan for hardware changes from the Device Manager menu by tapping Action. Rebooting the device will result in a reinstallation.

Selecting the audio inputs and outputs opens the Device Manager panel.

Link in and utilize an alternative microphone.

In most cases, the issue should be fixed by following these troubleshooting steps.

However, if the issue still exists even after you connect a second microphone, it’s probably a Windows or audio hardware issue on your computer.

In a last ditch effort to solve the issue, you can reset Windows; but, as usual, you should backup Windows before doing so.

Why Is My Mic Not Working But My Headset Is?

This is probably the result of Windows not selecting the microphone. The aforementioned troubleshooting procedures will assist you in locating and choosing the appropriate microphone.

If the microphone isn’t shown as an option, either the connection to your Windows 11 PC isn’t working properly, or the microphone itself isn’t working properly.

How Can I Fix My Broken Realtek Mice?

Many Windows PCs are equipped with audio hardware manufactured by Realtek. Windows will list a Realtek audio input on a PC that has Realtek audio software installed. This manages the 3.5mm audio input on the PC.

It’s likely necessary for you to get the most recent audio driver update for Realtek if the audio input device does not function or does not show up in Windows, even when a microphone is firmly plugged into the audio input port.

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