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December 10, 2023

Passkey logins could increase the security of your Amazon account.

The giant retailer Passkey support is now being rolled out by Amazon for account sign-ins using mobile apps and browsers. With the ability to set up your own passkey to use the same biometric unlock as your phone, you may now access your account more quickly and securely, provided your phone is close by.

Just two weeks ago, Google made passkey support the default for all of its apps; many other businesses, like PayPal, Apple, Kayak, and Adobe, are already using the system. All you need to authenticate yourself to the website or application you wish to access is your mobile phone, as passkeys rely on the same fingerprint or face recognition technology on your smartphone.

Compared to one-time codes received via text message, passkeys are more secure than regular passwords and less vulnerable to phishing attacks.

Senior vice president of e-commerce Dave Treadwell stated in the blog post, “This is about giving customers ease-of-use and security simultaneously in their Amazon experience.” “This is an encouraging start in the right direction, even though passwords will persist for the foreseeable future. Being an early adopter of this new authentication mechanism is something we are delighted about, as it helps us realize our vision of a passwordless, more secure internet.”

It should also be simple to set up a passkey on Amazon. Access your Amazon account either the iOS app or the web by logging in, choosing Your Account, selecting Login & Security, and selecting Set up next to Passkeys. From there, you can follow the detailed instructions. Once the passkey has been added, you can use it on supported hardware or browsers (you’ll use your computer’s login here).

According to Amazon, passkey functionality is now available online and will progressively make its way to the iOS Amazon purchasing app. Support for passkeys in Android apps is “coming soon.”

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