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December 10, 2023

Nine Solutions for Windows 11’s DPC Watchdog Violation

If you’ve ever encountered a DPC Watchdog Violation problem in Windows 11 and seen a blue screen, you could be annoyed with yourself for not knowing how to resolve it. Thankfully, you can attempt a few alternative techniques to restore your computer’s functionality.

Reasons for the Watchdog Violation Error in DPC

The Watchdog of DPC Though it doesn’t always occur after installing a new component, hardware compatibility issues are the most frequent cause of violation errors, especially on PCs with SSDs and external devices. It may also occur as a result of software incompatibilities between several apps or driver shortages.

It will be difficult to determine the exact source of your DPC Watchdog Violation error; nevertheless, there are a few remedies you may attempt that can help identify the issue at hand.

How to Correct a Violation of DPC Watchdog Error

While taking out the defective hardware might seem like the quickest way to fix your DPC Watchdog Violation message, it’s not always the simplest. These are a few possible fixes for this issue, arranged from simplest to most difficult.

When not in use, unplug all of your external devices, including digital cameras, smartphones, printers, scanners, portable hard drives, and other unnecessary gadgets.

After doing so, if the fault still persists, you may be certain that the hardware is the problem. Re-plug each one to see which one resulted in the mistake.

After that, try updating your drivers, formatting the disk, or inserting the device into a different USB port.

Use the SFC /Scannow command to repair any system files that are corrupted. Check to see if the mistake occurs again once it’s finished.

To resolve any issues with your storage drivers, run the chkdsk command. This procedure can resolve SSD issues that may be the source of the DPC Watchdog Violation error.

Use a free driver updater tool or Device Manager (details in that link) to update your SATA AHCI driver.

Check whether there are any patches available for the issue causing this problem by updating Windows 11.

Visit the website of the drive’s manufacturer to see whether there is a firmware update that you might need to apply if you think your SSD is the issue. These are often available on the help page.

Should you have one, go back to an earlier restore point to avoid a variety of issues, including DPC Watchdog Violation errors.

You can restore Windows 11 to its original settings if everything else fails.
Take out the malfunctioning hardware. Install Windows 11 on a new hard drive if you believe your primary boot drive is the problem.

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