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December 10, 2023

How to Monitor Your Phone’s Data Usage

In addition to using a major carrier like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, or another, this article describes how to check your data consumption straight from an iPhone or Android phone.

Methods for Monitoring Your Phone’s Data Use

Examine Your iPhone’s Data Use

Click Settings then Cellular.

You can view how much data you used overall for the billing month by scrolling down. You can also check the data your apps consumed, ranked from most to least.

While monitoring your phone’s data is OK, you will only be able to see what apps are using data on it. You’ll need to dig a little farther to find out who is using how much if you are a part of a family or multi-line plan.

Examine Data Use on Android Phones

Select Settings > Data to view your data use. This screen allows you to set a mobile data restriction.

To view additional information, select Settings > Connections > Data use. To view the amount of data your apps use, sorted from most to least, swipe up.

Finding out which apps are using the most data can be done quickly by checking your phone’s mobile data use directly.

Verify Your Data Usage With Xfinity

For users on the go, refer to the information about Android and iPhone above. A particular quantity of data can be transferred across each phone line. Not all phone lines under an account share the same pool of data.

You may check your data consumption online or through the app if you have an Xfinity subscription for both home internet and cable.

Look for Monthly Data Usage under Your Plan after logging into In the Xfinity app, select Internet and then press the Your Data Usage box located at the bottom. The amount you’ve utilized over the last few months will then be visible to you.

procedures for using the Xfinity mobile app to monitor data use.

This is not for use with mobile internet; it’s only for home use.

Verify Your Data Usage with AT&T

Dialing *3282# (*DATA#) is the simplest method to check your AT&T data use.

You will receive a complimentary text message from AT&T outlining your next billing information, overall data consumption, and any data overages that may have happened. Even the consumption for each number on your account will be visible to you if you have a family plan.

The AT&T app summary page

You may manage how your data is used with a sleek interface by downloading the myATT app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Use the myATT app to set up data alarms and get text messages when you cross a predetermined threshold to help you prevent surprises when it comes time to pay. You can restrict the resolution of most videos to 480p using the Stream Saver option in the myATT app. You’ll receive video in DVD quality, which is more than adequate for most purposes.

Verify Your Data Usage with Verizon

Verizon offers numerous options for tracking and managing your data usage, one of which is a text summary. For a text alert that summarizes your data usage, dial #3282 (#DATA). If you remain on the line, Verizon will even audibly reiterate the message.

You may establish limitations by app or user, monitor who and which apps are consuming data, and set up data consumption notifications with the My Verizon app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Data use screen for Verizon apps

The Safety Mode feature in the My Verizon app allows you to continue using data after you’ve used up your monthly allotment, however at slower rates depending on your data plan. It’s a reliable method of avoiding paying for excess data.

Verify Your T-Mobile Data Usage

You’ll get a text message when you use up 80% and 100% of the minutes, messages, and data on your account. By dialing #WEB# (#932#), you can also check at any moment.

Data use screen for T-Mobile apps

In addition to controlling its Binge On function, T-Mobile’s app performs basic data use reporting. Binge On reduces data use by optimizing video as you stream it when it is activated. Thus, using up all of the data allotted for the month doesn’t always equate to binge-watching complete seasons on Netflix.

Use Cricket to Monitor Data Usage

Cricket makes a big deal out of its unlimited data plans, so you might not think that monitoring consumption is necessary. However there’s a catch.

Cricket has the right to “temporarily slow data speeds when the network is congested” after a predetermined usage threshold (currently 22 GB/mo). So if you’re using your phone mostly for streaming video, it would be worthwhile to keep track of just how much data you’ve used at the all-you-can-stream buffet.

View of data use for the Cricket app

Use myCricket (available on Google Play and the Apple App Store) to stay in touch. Just go to and log in. Cricket does not automatically SMS users with usage alerts.

Utilize Boost Mobile to Monitor Data Usage

In addition to offering unlimited data consumption, the majority of Boost Mobile’s plans also provide you with usage alerts during your billing cycle. You can only access a certain quantity of high-speed data before your connection is dropped and you are forced to use a slower one, just like with Cricket’s unlimited data plan.

Elevate the data use screen of mobile applications.

When your high-speed data cap is about to expire, Boost will notify you. You may also monitor use by visiting the Boost Mobile website and logging in. On Google Play or the Apple App Store, you may also download the My Boost Mobile app. You may examine outgoing calls and messages there, as well as keep a closer eye on data consumption.

And Why Do I Need So Much Data?

The apps that use the most data are probably the ones that you use the most, which is not surprising. These are a few of the principal offenders:

YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube video autoplay

streaming video in high definition from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or Youtube

letting applications update in the background while they’re not in use

You may check how many bytes you’ve used from your data plan in a number of ways, such as by using your carrier’s app or website or by having the information sent straight to your phone through text message. To learn how to monitor how much data you’re consuming, continue reading if you need to put yourself or someone else on a data diet.

Gain Control Over Your Tasks

We offer excellent instructions on how to manage the location, timing, and manner in which your apps communicate data now that you know how to monitor your usage.

We’ve compiled advice for Android users on how to keep an eye on their mobile data usage.

When you start running out of data, check out our data saving advice for iOS users rather than just turning off your iPhone’s data.

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