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December 10, 2023

Hands-on with the Priority eClassic Plus: An Elegant eBike Without All the Hassle

E-bikes are fun, thrilling, scary, and, well, you get the picture. However, this Priority eClassic Plus doesn’t look like an e-bike and isn’t at all intimidating.

I’ve had my eye on e-bikes for some time now. I was drawn to the prospect of riding farther, especially because I live on the Gulf Coast and have access to many bike-friendly nature paths as well as lovely, lengthy beachfront boardwalks. It appeared that I may have at last discovered the e-bike I’d been searching for in the Priority eClassic Plus—it was feature-rich without being overly complex, just right for those leisurely, longer rides. I didn’t feel let down.

A Bicycle that’s Not Too Heavy

When thinking about buying an e-bike, one of my worries was its weight. I had heard that e-bikes weigh a ton. My weight causes me to have a few issues. To bring the bike to a trailhead, the first step is to actually get it onto my bike rack, which sits almost shoulder height for me. And there’s the issue of whether my Jeep’s “over-the-tire” rack could hold the bike securely.

Jeep with Priority eClassic Plus on the rear bike rack.

I was taken aback to discover that not only could I effortlessly raise the eClassic Plus by myself, but it also fit perfectly in my bike rack and didn’t tip the balance too much. It was sufficiently tight that I didn’t have to worry about losing it while driving the forty-five minutes to a bike route that’s close to home.

Simple, Visible Controls

But don’t let the weight deceive you. Even with its three levels of assistance, this e-bike is still equipped with pedal assist, making it easier for you to ride for longer distances, climb hills, and negotiate uneven terrain. The best part, though, was that I could switch between using the bike’s powered capabilities and its traditional features at will by just turning the pedal assist on and off.

Speedometer and digital controls for the Priority eClassic Plus.

Because the gears are operated by a handlebar hub with manual controls, it’s simple for me to select the appropriate gear when I wish to move using my own strength. However, using the powered option was as easy as pushing a button on the control box, which is situated on the other side of the handlebars, when I became tired or wanted a little extra push.

You may check your speed, distance traveled, and battery life in addition to turning on the pedal assist and turning on the front light via the control box. The bike’s power feature, which can reach up to 20 mph when engaged, gains speed gradually. However, since I’m a novice rider, I discovered that I used it more for support in difficult situations than to boost my speed or decrease my load when I became weary of pedaling.


The amount of maintenance necessary to operate an e-bike on a regular basis is something else that intimidates me about them. Because the eClassic Plus is so simple to maintain, that worry is dispelled. I basically charge it, use it, then store it. Since it employs a carbon fiber belt rather than a metal chain, there is no need to oil it, and there is also nothing to adjust or maintain in between rides.

The battery needs several hours to fully charge, but once it’s ready to ride, it simply pulls out of the bike’s downtube (you’ll need a key to do so) and back in. It has always outlasted me on the rides I’ve gone on, so I never had to worry about running out of juice in the middle of a ride.

All of these excellent characteristics are included in mid-range e-bikes. Although this bike is easy to use, it does require some talent to put together, so unless you’re an expert at e-bike assembly, I do advise having it shipped to and constructed by a bike shop. You can get the bike online for $1700.

All in all, I adore everything about this bike, including the straightforward controls and low ownership obligations, as well as the vintage styling that gives it the appearance of a regular bike. This is a fantastic option for someone looking to get their first e-bike or for someone who simply wants the convenience of semi-powered riding without all the hassles that certain e-bikes may cause.

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